1987 - 2018

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William Scheible

He was first trumpeter and has proved to be the orchestra’s greatest innovator introducing new and talented soloists, celebrity performers including Shirley Jones, Rita Moreno, Joel Grey, Peter Nero, Maureen McGovern, Debbie Boone and many others that are instantly recognized in the world of music.

He expanded Frank Ruggieri’s programming with the once popular Children’s Lollipops Concerts. He has taken the orchestra on tour, added numerous off-season performances and enhanced the reputation of the Pops. His career with the Pops was a remarkable one for over thirty years. The Scheible Encore Society was formed to honor him and continue his legacy with the Pops.

1978 - 1986


Frank Ruggieri

The bassoonist who was with the orchestra from 1930 now becomes the Conductor. He established standards of performance for both the orchestra and soloists and his attention to detail was outstanding. The Ruggieri Society was named to honor him.

1976 - 1978


John Warrington

1950 - 1975


Clarence Fuhrman


Victor Marrandino

1946 - 1948

Joseph LaMonaca

1933 - 1945


J. Fred Manne

Organized a seven man Music Pier Orchestra. It grew to 19 members by 1937. He also began the practice of regular appearances by vocal soloists.


Don Luigino


H Siegal


J.F. Lernan Orchestra for six weeks
George Frye Band for six weeks


Orestes Vessella

Free Municipal Concert