Bill, Family,Guests

       Bill Scheible With

Olga Konopelsky, Laurence
Rosania, Inna Nedorezov & 
Mother, Madel Scheible

     3 Generations of Scheibles
       Jeff, Bill Sr., Dave & Bob

Carmen & Geraldine De Persia
        and John Cellucci 

Elliot Gross & Sonya Bertini 

Sarah Geller, Andrea Herr  and
Steve Heitzer 

Maritza Bolano (on right) with
friend Mary from NY

Brothers, Dave & Bob Scheible

Sally's Sister, Wendy Block, her
son, Philip Block & fiancee Dr.
Dina Rapaport

Nephew, Philip Block, Bill's sister,
Amy Irwin & Bill's son, Jeff

Myra Meis, Myra Corcoran, Sally
Scheible and Tyra Payant

Mark O'Kain & Olga Konopelsky

Ralph and Emily Buck

25th Anniversary Party

25th Anniversary Dinner Guests


There were many, many guests at this fabulous 25th Anniversary dinner party - well over 200. The evening started with cocktails at 6 pm and some of Bill Scheible's favorite people were present - of course his family, orchestra members, Ocean City Pops sponsors, Friends of the Ocean City Pops members and friends and supporters of Bill and the Ocean City Pops Orchestra. Here are some of the ones photographed.....



Sally Scheible &                     Bill & Dr. Elizabeth Bowden         Bill & Flora Baker                  Carmen & Geraldine      Laurence Rosania                                                                                                                          DePersia

Edna, John Cellucci, Dr. Elizabeth Bowden, Joan McGowan                 Kay & Bill Sundermeir, Jean Jacobson


          Luigi Mazzocchi, Mark O'Kain and                             Jeff Uhlig & Olga                    Steve Heitzer & Ralph Buck
Olga Konopelsky                                                                                                                              

  Bill & Bob Scheible                Laurence Rosania with Bill               Delores Dengler Vitas with Friends of Mancos


Lorraine & Don Miano               Dr. Francis D'Amico & Carl Mottola                    Dave Scheible and Loris


Carl Mottola, Mr & Mrs. Joe Rotella,              Andrea Herr and           Caz Boyd, Kitty Ellis & Cynthia Lambert 
Barb & Joe Stefano and Joan Mottola                  Sarah Geller                                                                        


Massachusett's guests with Eleanor Raymond           Syd, Wendy Block, Francine Gilbert,
                                                                                                Andrea & Ami Elwork


               Pat Angarano, Kay Sundermeir, Ginny Coco               Jackie Gilletti, Joy Horne & Florance Kerber


Bob & Barbara Fasy, Jack & Mary Ann Gabel
Edna & John Cellucci, Dr. Elizabeth Bowden, Joan McGowan


Pictures thanks to Brian Ewing