June 25 - Sunday - Opening  Night with Vanessa Williams - 8:00 pm
June 25 -
Sunday - Meet Vanessa Williams  - Flanders Hotel after concert

July 2  - Sunday - Celebrate America - 8:00 pm
July 5  - Wednesday - Neil Diamond Tribute - 8:00 pm
July 6  - Thursday - Kids Free Chamber Music Concert - 10:30 am
July 9  - Sunday - Broadway Salute! - 8:00 pm
July 11 - Tuesday - Fiddler on the Roof - 7:30 pm
July 12 - Wednesday - Fiddler on the Roof - 7;30 PM
July 13 - Thursday - Fiddler on the Roof - matinee
July 14 - Friday - Fiddler on the Roof - 
July 15 - Saturday - Tribute to Mayor Gillian -
6:00 pm - Linwood CC
July 16 - Sunday - USO Troupe -
8:00 pm
July 19 - Wednesday - Superheroes in Love - A Broadway Cabaret -
8:00 pm
July 23 - Sunday - Legendary Singer Gloria Gaynor -
8:00 pm
July 26 - Wednesday - Eddoe Bruce Celebrates Latin Casino -
8:00 pm
July 30 - Sunday - Julie Budd in Tribute to Frank Sinatra -
8:00 pm



Executive Board

Jon D. Batastini, Esq
Dr. Dominick A. Potena
Vice Chairperson

William Scheible
Artistic Director
Deborah Flint

Assistant Treasurer
Marie Knight
Corresponding Secretary
Karen Morelli
Recording Secretary

Robert Snodgrass
Financial Secretary
Community Relations

Development Chair
Linda Herbert
Past Chairperson

Joel Mott lll, Esq.

Board of Trustees

Michael Allegretto
Heidi Angelastro

Amelia Batastini
Marguerite Clark
Joan Ferko
Mary Ann Gabel

Herbert Herman, Esq.
Phyllis Hoover

Nancy Kelly
Marta Kiesling

Mary Anne Kull

Sandra McMahon
Karen Morelli
John Petrycki
Carol Ruggiero
William Sundermeir
Delores Dengler Vitas

Advisory Council
Dr. Edna Cellucci
Virginia Coco
Ralph Cooper
John L. Curto
Gail Damone
Barbara Fasy
Ken Hoover
Kay Manco
MaryAnne McGrath

Save the Date



2015 Luncheon

"Putting on the Ritz"

26th Annual Luncheon
Friends of Ocean City Pops

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Greate Bay Country Club
       $45.00 per person  


Information: 609.628.4347


Friends of the Ocean City Pops

The Friends of the Ocean City Pops is a group of volunteer supporters organized to promote excellence in the programming, performance, and continuing development of the Ocean City Pops Orchestra.

The Friends host a variety of fundraising activities and actively solicit contributions from individuals and businesses that share their love for the Pops. Fundraising activities include an annual season opening gala, a summer luncheon, and periodic parties and events. In addition, the Friends present special fundraising concerts with outstanding musicians.

Monies raised from these activities significantly augment the Pops. Now and in the past these funds help to pay for (1) solo performers and specialty acts, (2) the season brochure and program books, (3) two additional musicians for the season (funded by the Friends’ Ruggieri Society), (4) extra musicians for the augmented Orchestra, (5) accommodations for visiting performers, (6) purchase and rental of musical scores, (7) additional rehearsals and (8) student outreach programs.

The annual summer luncheons have featured guest speakers such as NJ State Senator Diane Allen and artists such as Barbara Dever, Margaret Whiting, and Elizabeth von Trapp.

Concerts have included Opera Night at the PAC, Broadway Salutes, Philadelphia Boys Choir, Leon Bates, Canadian Brass, Cirque de la Syphonie, Broadway stars and other talented and acclaimed shows..

The Friends have established an endowment fund that will provide a source of income into the future. They have created a unique gift opportunity by forming The Ruggieri Society. This Society provides funding for specific projects including two extra musicians for the season. Named for late Maestro Frank Ruggieri, it provides a unique gift opportunity helping to ensure the summer Music Pier series will continue for many generations.

In 2011, the Friends also started the SES (Scheible Encore Society) to further enrich the Pops' Orchestra.

The Friends of the Ocean City Pops, Inc. was incorporated in 1993 as a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization. It is an all-volunteer group with no paid staff.


2015 Volunteers


Heidi Angelastro


Stephen Gring


Helen O'Brien

Joan Andrews


Alice Helpern


Barbara Parsons

Amelia Batastini


Martha Harper


Tyra Payant

Jon Batastini


Maria Heckendorn


Judy Perkins

Paul Batastini


Linda Herbert


John Petrycki

Sylva Bertini


Herb Herman


Dave Phillips

Heddy Boess


Ken Hoover


Joan Phillips

Edna Cellucci


Phyllis Hoover


Mary Ramoski

John Cellucci


Jean Jacobson


Laura Ravitch

Ginny Coco


Nancy Kelly


Patricia Ray

David Coombs


   Estella Klohocker


Eleanor Raymond

Ginny Cooper


Bud Knight


Rosie Rosenberg

Ralph Cooper


Marie Knight


Carolyn Ruggiero

Joy Cougle


Lois LeBlanc


Joanne Schaut

Debbie Covington


Sandra Levinowitz


Norman Schaut

John Curto


Pat Levis


Bill Scheible

Gail Damone


Jackie Lewis


Dr. Harold Schreiber

Michael Dattilo



Mrs. Harold Schreiber


Carolyn Lothian


Bill Schroeder

Bert DeVries


Marie Maloni


Vivian Schroeder


Kay Manco


Jeam Simpkins

Regina Evans


Melinda Mayne


Connie Smedley

Barbara Fasy


MaryAnne McGrath

     Robert Snodgrass

Robert Fasy


Thom McGrath

     Colleen Snodgrass

Joan Ferko


Sandy  McLaughlin

     Bill Sundermeir

Debra Flint


Sandra McMahon

     Kay Sundermeir

Jane Friel


Doris McHugh


Judi Thomas

Mary Ann Gabel

     Ann Mehlmann      Delores Dengler Vitas

Jane Gelman


Vincent Mento


Patricia Gillian


Arlene Minick

     Joan Wismer
        Karen Morelli